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Flightline Operations

Shiloh Services, Inc, was awarded its first contract within five months of opening for business.
That  initial  contract  involved  Aircraft Services  support for Scott Air Force Base, IL.  Since
that time, Shiloh has rapidly earned a reputation as a leading Aircraft Services contractor and

continues  to  win  an  ever-growing   catalogue  of  contracts  in  a  variety  of  organizations.  
The  privilege  of  providing  these  services  on  military  installations  across  the  nation  has
enabled Shiloh to offer its expertise in the following areas:
Transient Alert (Aircraft Arrival, Processing, and
   Departure Service)
Aircraft Refueling
Airfield Escort Services
Crash Damaged or Disabled Aircraft Recovery
Aircraft Ground Equipment Maintenance Programs
Aircraft Corrosion Control
Foul Weather De-icing Services
Distinguished Visitor Services
Military Air Show Coordination